Education Timeline: Historical Influences... Multiple

Education Timeline (Eunice Boardman)

Project Based Learning: Historical Influences

The Project Method (article tracing back history of PBL)
The Project Method: William Kilpatric
Project Based Learning (article about critical thinking/ research & benefits of using PBL)

Constructivist Learning/ Experiential Learning: Historical Influences

Constructivism (List of Resources, Articles & Related topics)
Constructivist Curriculum Design for Professional Development
Constructivist Learning (Piaget, Bruner, Dewey, Hein)
Constructivist Learning Theory
Constructivist Theory - J. Bruner
J. Bruner
Jerome Bruner & the Process of Education
Lev Vygotsky (1896-1934)
Reuven Feuerstein
Progressive Education: Dewey

Construcivism & the 5 "E"'s (website)
Constructivist Teaching & Learning Models (based on brain research)
Cognitive Acceleration ("scaffolding" in constructivism)
Construcivism, Learning, and Educational Technology (website)

Images for Use in Presentation:

Constructivist Learning
Constructivist Teaching
Constructivist Theory

Multiple Intelligences/ Project Zero (Harvard)

Howard Gardner: Changing Minds (Summary)
NPR Interview w/ Howard Gardner (Changing Minds book)
Howard Gardner (interview)

Dr. Campbell's Reccomendations: (Theoretical Influences)

Constructivism (learning theory, common misunderstandings)
Communities of Practice
Discovery Learning
Problem Based Learning
Situated Learning Theory
Democratic Education

The Case for Technology in Music Education Article
FUN is Brain-based Learning: //Article//
"Tell Students to Feed Their Brains" Article
Big Ideas for Better Schools: 10 Ways to Improve Education //Article//
The New Professional: The Aims of Education Revisited Article

Summary of "Punished by Rewards" (Alfie Kohn)
Summary of 'Schools Our Children Deserve (Kohn)
The Schools Our Children Deserve (BOOK - Alfie Kohn)

Dispositions as an Outcome for Early Childhood Curriculum (Carr)

Learning Futures "Engagement" PAMPHLET

Mange the Process: Learning Futures (KEY THEMES/ THREADS)

Institute for Democratic Education in America (et al, Holt)

Making the Case (to your Administration)

Democratic Education

A Personalized Plan for Life (Principal Leadership Journal - Dedmond)

*Metacognition, Self-Regulation, and Self-Regulated Learning: Research Recommendations

Self Regulated Learning & Academic Achievement

Krista's "Historical Influences" paper