Self-Made Music

"Without pandering or dumbing down, it is possible to provide challenging curriculum that authentically reflects the world outside the school, and effective pedagogic strategies based on observation and analysis of how learners learn best." -Dr. Lucy Green

The beginnings of thinking about how students can teach themselves in a non-traditional music elective classroom in middle and high school. A place for resources, ideas, and examples of success in co-curricular design with our students and opportunities for self-directed and small group learning. A work in progress that will continue to be revisited and refined as the ideas are played out in classrooms.

Co-Constructing Curriculum:

(Krista's Final Document for High School Guitar Class)

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"Informal music practices are natural...have been around for centuries...our society has removed this from everyday life and formal music education. We have to teach it back to ourselves!" - Dr. Lucy Green